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Your Garage Door Springs Are One Of The Major Parts Of Your Garage Door And  are what do the lifting of your Garage Door.These Springs are under extreme tension.

They have a life span of around 6 To 10 years depending on how often the Garage door is used.

After this time they should be Checked And If Need Be replaced as they May have become worn and have a much higher risk of breaking which Will Leave the Garage door far too heavy for the Garage Door Opener to lift.Quiet often this will leave the home owner with a car trapped in the garage as the springs normaly break when the door is closed because this is when the springs are under full tension.

so if your Garage Door Springs have been on for longer than 8 years then it is a good idea to think about having them Checked And If Need Be replaced. We Can  Inspect And Or Replace Your Garage Door Springs Promptly And Cover The Wider Auckland Region So Give Us A Call For Advice And A Free Quote!


                         You can also check your Garage Door Springs for rust or any sign of wear.

Torsion Garage Door Springs.

Torsion Garage Door Springs are located on the metal pole directly above your garage door at the front and are bolted to the bracket which is on the lintel.

If your Garage Door Springs are rusty or make a clunking sound when the Garage Door goes up then more than likely The Garage Door Springs will need to be replaced.As a standard rule double sectional garage doors Should Usually have 2 or more Garage Door Springs on Them.

It Is advised to replace all the Garage Door  springs at the same time as they are usually the same age and if one torsion Garage Door Spring has broken the rest will more than likely break Soon after .

If you do have a broken garage door torsion  spring please do not attempt to fix it or replace it yourself as it can be very dangerous and if you do not have the tools or expertise it can lead to bigger problems such as your garage door crashing down or getting jammed and even cause the door to fall out of the tracks which will end up becoming more expensive to fix.just contact us and we can give you a free quote to come and replace your old garage door springs anywhere in Auckland Usually The Same Day.


Tilt Garage Door Springs.

These are on the side of your Tilt Garage Door and there maybe 1 or 2 Tilt Garage Door Springs each side depending on how heavy the Garage Door is.It is impossible to know when the Springs will break and can last between 2 and 8 years.

with out touching them check if they look rusty or if the coils on the end of the Tilt Door Springs look out of shape compared to the rest of the spring or if the loops on the ends look bent.

If so then they are more than likely going to break sometime soon so The Springs be replaced.

If you have broken garage door springs or suspect your Garage Door  springs are old then call us now for a no obligation free Quote.


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